Good Afternoon,

Over the last two years, we have worked closely with the Planning Director and other Planning and Zoning staff, the City Manager, and elected officials on our proposed plans for Eastport Landing to ensure that they are compliant with the City’s planning and zoning code.  

As you may have heard, the City’s Attorney has hired “outside” legal counsel to review the development plans for Eastport Landing. While we are committed to working with the City of Annapolis, we strongly disagree with this approach which is counter to the public zoning and planning approval process for this type of development.

We are excited about our proposed plans to transform and revitalize Eastport Landing and remain committed to working with the community throughout this process. If you have not yet had a chance, we encourage you to take a few minutes to complete our online survey linked here.   

As always, you can reach us directly at info@eastportlanding.com  with any questions or to learn more visit us on our website at eastportlanding.com.


Alex Kopicki and Jeff Jacobson
Solstice Partners